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Want to make the world a better place?

Turn tourists into travelers who are willing to treat the world with respect, attentiveness and tolerance!

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What is in there for your

Be part of a big thing!

You will be part of the community of all local Heros and will get a badge for your website that identifies you as a local Hero.

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Let's connect to make the world a little bit better by welcoming travelers, showing them our hospitality and our region and treating them with respect and tolerance. So that they build a connection with the country they are visiting.

And that they do the same for strangers in their own country.

This is not about accommodating or showing someone around. The aim is to offer travelers the opportunity to explore the region on their own with the information you have compiled and to immerse themselves in the culture and to understand the country and its people.

Show your love for your area and help others fall in love too.

What are you expected to do?

Imagine that the traveler is no stranger, but your friend. And now find answers to the following questions:



What do I want to show my friend? How do I want him to get to know this place?



Which memories and feelings should he associate with this journey? How can I help him to relax and recover?



What can I do to make these memories and feelings change his life? 



What are the regional specialities that he should definitely taste, try, experience?


The idea for Your local Hero is Katrin's answer to the frightening developments of the recent past. She is convinced that we can better protect the world by expanding our knowledge. Because when you know how beautiful a region is and how the locals live, and when you have experienced hospitality and a warm welcome, then connectedness and knowledge are created and both are profound and lasting.

With her network of locals, Katrin wants people all over the world to feel connected and work together to make the world a little bit better.

So let's do this

Become a local Hero - NOW!

Earn some extra income with your expert knowledge and help people feel welcome. 

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